Let's start at the beginning!

It all began with the ladies Craft Club at St John's, Southbourne.  Several of the husbands began to wonder how we chaps could occupy ourselves with our 'hobbies'.  But we really needed a 'shed' - or at least a place where we could keep tools - and make some coffee - but this kind of (cheap/free) accommodation was illusive.  Towards the end of 2012, Kay, the treasurer of Age Concern in Southbourne, heard about our searches and wondered if some of their unused 'accommodation' in the Old School in Southbourne might be appropriate for our purposes. Age Concern is located in the main building of the school.

On inspection it looked like it was once the children's cloakroom, with the headmaster's office in a small anti room.  But in other 'enclosures' there was at least a hand basin, a toilet and a sink - all of 1950's vintage. The area had evidently been used as 'store rooms' for some time.  Nevertheless, early in 2013 the founding members began the 6 months or so of hard graft to get it all 'habitable'.  In the meantime we began to put the word around, gained a few more 'members', drew up a constitution (essential for bank accounts and grants etc), and held our first 'AGM' towards the end of September 2013.  Here are some initial images before we started on the 'recovery' project.